Friday, April 29, 2011

Break the limitation

                I have been invited to attend the team building party, immediately I refused as lot of points emerged, the most prominent the resistance to go there.

                I looked on excuses which I can possibly use why not attend, then tiredness I experienced, then feelings/emotions, I connected to that and then on resistance I experienced towards such event, mostly because I knew people will drink alcohol.

                I sat comfortable on the chair and only me breathing, I cleared my mind and stopped everything, just me breathing, I let my body moves, tension in neck has been released and all resistances I had, simply has gone and I decided to go there no matter what could possibly emerge during event. And no matter what the mind is showing me. Even tiredness I experienced simply was not here and I was like after very refreshing resting, and it took only few minutes.

                When I came to event, there was nothing within me and I started to enjoy it, speaking with the people, and I wanted to dance and I even did for a moment without music, lol, it was not dancing place, just like pub where people meet and drink.

                I didn’t drink alcohol as this drug is saying nothing to me, and it was interesting to look on people, how their behavior change, their speech and how they change their voices, and what type of mind games started to take place. They even did not notice.

                I enjoyed myself and mostly the point, I pushed myself and broke one of my limitation.

Thanks, Juraj


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