Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Consequences of inaction – Harm

                I provided information based on my guess and not based on prove, receiver of this information waited in cold outside windy weather longer than I guessed it should take, enough time to be pissed off by waiting in such conditions.

                I hesitated to provide corrected information about waiting time, I prolonged it by 5-7 minutes. Enough to be very pissed off with waiting, especially when I was in taxi and person waiting for me in outside weather with not proper wearing, when I came finally person showed me that strong enough for me to realize the consequences of my inaction in right time.

                I didn’t want to harm or cause pain, but I did because I hesitated to act.

                I should act when I should act, immediately, no hesitation, I should prove and not guess, my verbiage should be clear without any allowance for misinterpretation.

Thanks, Juraj

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