Monday, May 2, 2011

Money as foundation for backchat

                There was believe within me, which comes from family environment, that once I will earn my own money, I can do with them anything I would like.

                I heard lot of times, that I can’t buy that or this, because it is not my money, and once I started to earn money, I just followed, spending it on that what I would like, mostly because of energy  addiction. Pure self-interest, pure delusions.

                Lot of times I heard my back chat saying against others, as money foundation why and how they are spending money, or why they do not want to pay for themselves if they should, or that now they should pay for me, solving within me and throwing judgments onto others. Or in backchat that I can do that or this because I can, as superior against all other living forms. Nice fuck up.

                I stopped this and I see how I was fucked.

                As I see from where money comes, and where money goes, my usage of money should not harm. I do not want to be harmed and not to cause harm to others, nor to abuse because I have money or can make money.

                Rather direct the money flow, where it would be beneficial for all.

Thanks, Juraj

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