Friday, May 6, 2011

Remain clear and stable

  The more I push myself the more easier is to push when another point emerge, the more I let go so it is easier to let go if anything else comes up.

                I was in the bed with a girl, interestingly, there was nothing within me, we were just lying on the bed, I enjoyed the touches, but there was not intension within me to have sex with her.

                I didn’t want to use her or abuse, or to have sex with her, it was hard to explain why I do not want to have sex with her. I am not sure if she understood, maybe yes, time will show.

                This was interesting; I remained clear in her presence, with no back chat, with no agendas within me, nothing. I just enjoyed her and her presence, the touches we touched each other, but within this remained clear and stable.

Thanks, Juraj

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