Saturday, May 14, 2011

Picture likes

I used to create the specific emotions in front of specific pictures, simply just shapes and colors in front of me, and because of that, so I created energy within me and different kind of experience, going through sadness, joy, love, excitement, etc.

I saw the picture, and I defined myself towards this picture and create the desire that I want it in front of me more or not likeness that I do not want to see it.

This is so “ stupid “, how come that my experience of me is determined by some pictures ? By these definitions, this can be broken down and nonexistent.

Just breathe and experience in front of picture/because of picture disappear and remain nothing. Was this experience of me real? Obviously, not.

Just only another delusion, created because of separation, inequality and polarity of the mind.

Everything, are just only shapes, colors, geometric links, basically, everything is the same, just only looks different because of mind definitions.

Thanks, Juraj

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  1. I found out recently that pictures are not real. Words are real. So thats where each one needs to search to find what's real.