Monday, May 9, 2011

Let go the light

                To let go everything which is not real, each point I defined myself, everything I lived as a past memory, means, remain here.

                Here as presence of me, unwavering, stable.

                Until I am not able to let go everything completely and absolutely, means I am living just as a shadow of memory, outcome of definitions of me, this definitions are just past experiences, and from them I created my way of living. Is this way of living life?

                No matter how much mind components I removed, no matter how effective I am, if within me will remain just only one thought, one connection, one believe and idea, till that time I am not finished, I am not done, till that time I am of the mind.

                To let go means to let die everything which is not real, just reflection of the light, and get a chance for life to be born.

Thanks, Juraj

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