Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 143 : Mind moves – I move

                The point of EGO, and energy movement, is point of my life, as I existed as this EGO always. And to move just as me as breath, that’s the journey out of the ego.

                Today, when I get on the bus, I made just two steps inside, and I looked on a girl on left side, and as I wanted to move behind her, through my mind flashed the question – Why she stand here this way? As her standing in middle of bus simply blockade the movement through this part, and thus I had to bay pass her, but as this movement I did as following of this thought and thus in certain rush of this movement, I hurt my left knee really hard.

                The pain became extreme and I just breathe through this pain, and I realized, why and what was the point I hurt myself.

                Simply, I moved in the mind as follower of the thought in the mind, it was not me moving me, as I saw the moment breathing through the pain, that if I would move myself, it would be impossible to hurt me, because I would do that steps in more calm manner and the certain rush I created within me, showed me what is the outcome of movement in and as the mind.

                And within this, is simplicity, each time I move as the mind, thus I hurt myself.

                I forgive to myself that I have accepted and allowed to myself to move myself as follower of the thought in the mind, to create the rush and do not be aware my breath, and thus hurt myself, instead of slow down, stop and move me as breath, as my physical body.

                I forgive to myself that I have not accepted and allowed to myself to see and realize, that each moment mind show me any thought, I am able to stop, to be here, to breathe and move myself instead of following the thought and thus energy experience created.

Thanks, Juraj

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