Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 146 : Worry of silencing friend

                 I was in discussion with friend, and as many times I take the lead of topics we speak about, I became sometimes speaking like “too much“. Within this, I noticed the change in behavior of my friend and that friend became quit, silent and not wanting to speak about anything.

                Thus we sat silent for a some moments and I experienced pain in my left finger point, thus I looked on this point as what is taking my direction in “our silence” and I realized, that It was my worry, as being afraid that I am the cause of making my friend silent and thus worry that because of my words she refused to speak for that period.

                I realized that in any means, my words can’t cause in someone energetic experiences, unless that persona is accepting it, and within this the point, that I never see what is going on behind the “wall” of picture as thoughts, energy experiences or backchats of persona I am speaking with.

                Everything I do, I just speak about different points, realizations, experiences and so on, and thus my worry, that I am the cause of someone stop to speak is my own delusion, as came out clear later.

                I applied SF on this point, of being afraid and worry about myself and my words or that I am the cause of experiences of my friend, and after several moments, she said she start to experience anxiety and that she do not wanted to speak because of this energy experiences. Thus I said several suggestions how she can take on this point of experiencing anxiety and release herself from such bullshits, as it is just her own creation of this experiences she have/had and thus she should support herself with writing and applying SF.

                What she will do about this is her decision. Anyway, interesting point is, how during the communication of two, one or both can start to experience energy movements, points coming up, suppressed and not resolved anxieties, stress, fears, worries and many others points, and also how can one effectively support oneself if is aware about the point which is here.

                Self forgiveness and breath, the points one can support oneself the most.

Thanks, Juraj

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