Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 20 : I like


                Why I like something? Or, why I should even like something? Should I like something? What the likeness of something/someone says about me? What is the point to like?

                Is the likeness always based on energy gathering from the point of likeness?

 The likeness as expression of me here, as I can like myself as expression of me, as enjoyment of myself.

                For some points I could count lot of criteria why I like something, what it is I like on that/this etc.

                The likeness for me or what I like is reflection of me, who I am thus I like, who I would like not be thus I do not like, just polarity, the nice play out. I notice, when I do not like something, and I forgive to myself this not likeness of that point, often it is no more not likeness, or vice versa, if I like something, and I forgive this energy connection, I do not like it anymore the way I did before.

                I like that differently, as there is no more energy charge connected.

                I like questions. J Question brings me opportunity to find answers, which for me, is like amazing journey into me.

I commit myself to investigate each point of likeness/not likeness based on energy charge towards point of likeness/not likeness and release myself from it.

Thanks, Juraj

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