Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 26 : I am one moment far away from explosion

                Today, from morning in certain manner everything started cool, moment by moment I enjoyed my day, my work, the simplicity of pushing myself through my resistances and thus working on everything what was scheduled today, just breathing, working, enjoying the moments.

                After lunch, I received message that the police blocked my car, without any reason, as my car parks the same way as others, simply fascist police in my country are abusing the power they have each way possible and thus getting money from citizens for their bosses, as in my country the wild west is possibly weak word, simply, in Slovakia, the laws has been raped and fucked every way possible by those in power to maintain their power.

                The fact that police took away my driving license for a year for no reason and for their mistake, I was able to took as fact and do not connect anything to that, as I saw that I can do nothing about that as the files has been already destroyed and thus I have nothing “ against “ police.

                But here, I am on moment far from blowing up, I see that if I will allow anger to ignite within me thus that anger would raise maybe infinitely, I see that if I will allow it the rage would be just far away from that immense anger which could possibly explode within me.

                But I am calm. As I am still one moment far away. What I will allow next moment? Just one moment, can completely determine and change the life completely. One single moment, this is quite fascinating, how much can be changed in one moment.

                I breathe. I see how destructive anger is. I breathe, I breathe.

Thanks, Juraj

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