Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 89 : The mind – The system - Life

                What I accepted as the mind, living as a system, is beyond any imagination, what we allowed as a whole humanity, is beyond anything which is one possibly to describe, as the abuse, manipulation and deceptions is so extensive, that to walk back from this system of lies is quite a journey.

                Let’s have a look, on this planet, we as humanity, will never move if we will judge each other, deceive each other, manipulate and abuse.

                We will not move a bit if we will not be able to let go the past, as the past can’t be changed and simply things are done. We accepted them, we created them, and we manifested them.

                But within this, we can simply stop, and realize, that we can’t exist this way, as the way we live is destruction of ourselves, destruction of all species around, and everywhere we can see how our participation influenced this planet where stability is of climate is gone.

                We are responsible for everything which exists here, and thus only we can give up on our ideas which we lived in the past, as these ideas of life and living lead us to many wars, many innocent killed people all over the world, agony, and despair of people dying.

                And for what?

                For oil? For money? Banks print money our of thin air, and people kill each other because of this? Sun provides us enough resources as electricity to maintain for each individual the energy for living, and what we do instead?

                We rather dig into a planet and take out the coal, gas, uranium and from this create the energy. Are we all really so blind? Sun shines each day and we can’t see it? But money talks, but money influence, but money makes from us sheep’s where we forgot to ask?

                And people die because someone believes in god, who is this god if anyone dares to kill in the name of god? Isn’t this the great perversion and arrogance of mankind?

                There are money and on them are printed – In god we trust. But money are the god, and thus whole nations trust only one god, which is – Money. And for this god, which bank print how they want to manipulate world events, for this god people kill each other.

                And we as the humanity, we dare to call ourselves intelligent species, we dare to talk about evolution, we dare to talk about wisdom, we dare to place ourselves on the top of all species here on this planet, and in the name of god as money we created to kill species by species, in destruction of life all around us, of destruction of planet and thus leading ourselves into our own destruction.

                This all was not enough? It is really not enough?

                The water you drink was the blood of some being on this planet. The water you drink was the urine of some being. Planet recycled everything to such degree, that it is possible to drink and thus sustain our lives and be here.

                And what we give back to planet? Just a shit. Maybe is time to wake up.

Thanks, Juraj

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