Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 120 : If point is walked, thus clarity come.

                 In and as walking points of myself as the mind components, I realized that when point is walked and transcended, thus no matter in which situation I face the point again, I am stable and clear within me and I do not fall, in meaning, energy experiences, movements, thoughts, reactions, everything is gone and just me is here.

                I see what, why and when I fall within that point and I see why I stand this point for myself no matter what. And in this, simplicity of life comes.

                I forgive to myself that I have accepted and allowed to myself to doubt about myself if I can stand points I walked for myself, and within this allow within me participate in and as mind as a thought – What if I am not done with this, what if I do not saw everything related to that point I worked with, what if I did not understood or comprehend the point entirely, and by this negate my standing and being here.

Thanks, Juraj

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