Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 128 : Eye movement – programming of self

                I realized interesting point, that within my eye movement, I can see what my program is, how I look and see the world outside, what are the points I seek and look one, how I move with my eyes, how often I blink with me eyes, which pictures I see with my eyes, how I search for energy through eyes.

                Interestingly, mind utilize eyes each moment of movement, just question is, is this eye movement automatic? If yes, observe just for a while, how you move with your eyes and why, what true reason of this movement is, place questions for this movements, search and seek why you move with your eyes the way you do.

                Within this, you will see the polarity play-out, when and how often you are inferior or superior, what the likeness as what you like is, and what not, within the eyes and movements of eyes you can find many points, to be able to see and realize how you programmed yourself.

                The school, is one of the strongest point, and education system for this eye movements, as getting information into and as mind as the reading has been utilized to receive knowledge and thus provide to the mind what mind requires, knowledge and information of this world, but after all, everything is in place to keep humans enslaved, trapped, and to conform the rules of society and never place question towards the points which has been read.

                I forgive to myself that I have not accepted and allowed to myself to see, that education system of this world is in place to program myself through information and knowledge to keep me as the mind busy, and do not question information in front of me, and thus I forgive to myself that I have accepted and allowed to myself to receive, store and get information as knowledge from the books in the school and do not question this information.

Thanks, Juraj

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