Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 127 : Relationships as me

                I lived many relationships and each one has been projection of me towards myself, because I separated from me and thus I created idea and believe what and who I am and within this forgave myself as life but rather followed this ideas.

                Interestingly, as I started to release myself from such relationships as energy charges towards the points I created as positive, the negative polarity start to emerge within and as me as energy definitions created and thus lived, and I was many times surprised when I saw what was part of me as negative, and yet sometimes this is like surprising me still when I find something which I was not able to see before.

                It is challenge to see this negative part, as this is the real true of myself what I lived and what I accepted towards myself within this world to happen to me. This is the pure evil of me, and interestingly this can’t be judged. Because if yes, thus to stop this negative polarity is impossible.

                Let’s have a look on this world, it can’t be denied who we are, as the world is simply mirror of ourselves, yet many will deny this, but I see.

                Let’s have a look on this world and you will see what I became, what I accepted towards myself in separation of me, let’s see it without judgment, let’s see this without energy movement, let’s see this without blame. It is not nice.

                But I will not allow the world to continue this way forever, as it is useless, as I do not allow to myself to remain as slave of the mind.

                Through time, each one of this world will have to see and realize what has been accepted and allowed, sooner or later each one will face the real true, and finally, at the end of days, we will be all free.

                No one is free, if all are not free.

                I forgive to myself that I have accepted and allowed to myself to keep myself in trance in separation of myself from myself and through this deny what has been done unto me, what has been accepted and allowed, as attempt to hide myself from myself, and do not want to take responsibility for myself as whole.

Thanks, Juraj

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