Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day 68 : Relationship – Ship which always sinks

                The relationship to exist as connection, association between two points, separation must exist.

                How, when and why this separation is created, determine the outcome of distance between this points and perception of this two separated points, and within this created relationship where this two points refer to each other, and thus relate to each other.

                If possibility of creation of separation exists, thus the reverse must exist as well, thus unite this two points and merge this two points back together and thus this two points became one as it have to be the origin, as origin have to be the one point, which is split into two parts.

                If this one point, can be split into two points, thus it must be possible to split this two points into another two points and thus start fragmentation of this origin as one point into never ending splitting this point into infinity, if this origin point has not been determined by size by perspective of mind, as size is something only as a point of specific measurements, and also the points which are created as separated from origin, thus infinite cycles of splitting the points can exist. But also all parts and fragments must be the origin, as they came from origin.

                Therefore, if infinity cycles of splitting origin point into pieces and fragments can exist, therefore the merging the points together can also last infinite cycles where the separated, split points find their origin and realize that they are also the origin.

                If infinity of splitting can exist and reversing of this process, thus origin point by itself has to be infinite, thus infinity, thus eternal and simply remain. The origin point, therefore means, is not determined by time, as time is everything less then infinity. For infinity, or for that what is eternal, time must be simply irrelevant, otherwise time would have influence on the origin point and existence of origin point. That what is eternal, must be stable to such degree, that nothing and anything can influence it or determine its own existence.

                So let’s have a look, what is around us, what's always been here?

Thanks, Juraj

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