Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 73 : Expectation and disappointment

                Recently, I faced interesting situation, as I expected that I will go out with my friend, but this “plan” has been changed, and I experienced myself to be disappointed by this change, and thus I experienced the sorrow that the plan will not held.

                Within this, I realized, that the disappointment and the sorrow I experienced was because of looking forward of myself to such event and also the likeness created within me towards my friend and thus wanting to experience such scenario together.

                Thus within those moment, I was in mind projecting how it could be when we will together “live” that event, I was not here with and as my breath.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to myself to project within my mind how it could be to experience and “live” agreed event together with my friend.

                I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to myself to look forward on specific event to take place where me and my friend should go together, but because this has been changed thus experience disappointment and sorrow, as I already created within me the likeness to such event and my friend and thus when this has been broken thus I went into sorrow and disappointment as I do not wanted to accept that change, instead of accept that change and break of agreed scenario and be here with and as my breath and thus see and realize that this is showing me that I do not want to accept that change of myself and change of me in situations, my behaviors, my actions where I created likeness within and as me and thus refusing to change what I like on me as energy experience and when I am confronted with situation that I have to change myself thus I go into a sorrow and disappointment of myself, instead of seeing and realizing that everything of the mind as energy I have to let go as it is not me, it is of the mind and I am not the mind, I am here as physical, as breath.

Thanks, Juraj

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