Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day 56 : I love you – Ultimate deception

                When one says these words: I love you – One is actually saying: I love positive energy I can get from you and generate within me, I am addicted on this energy and I need this energy, I am so selfish and egoistic that I do not care who you are, what you are, what you lived and why, I have no idea who I am and what I became and why, I just need this energy, and I need you to behave the way I can get this energy from you, because I am shitty scared to see into me as what I became, I am so shitty scared to see demons within me living as me, I am so scared that I will not want to see all this shits I am within and as me, as I need to cover this all just with this positive energy I call love, and I have no problem to deceive you this way as I really do not care about you, and until I will be able to get this energy from you, I will speak this words to you, but when this will deplete within me, I will say you good bye and farewell ,as you will not serve me for nothing, and I will just say it is no more love – but within this I will remain blind towards fears I experience, anxieties,  and anger which I live day by day, but showing just this smiley cute face to word outside.

                Time to stop deceive.

Thanks, Juraj

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